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Resque, Sidekiq and delayed_job

New Relic provides deep visibility into the performance of popular background task frameworks such as Resque, Sidekiq, and Delayed Job. We automatically report performance for all of these frameworks so it's easy to use New Relic to compare whether Resque or Sidekiq is more performant in your environment, or if perhaps Delayed Job is better suited for the task.

Job Type and Duration

New Relic tracks which background jobs are running, how long they take to execute, and provides breakdowns of time spent in your database or external HTTP calls. For particularly slow jobs, we record a detailed transaction trace that shows the actual sequence of events that lead to your job being slow. This visibility helps you fine-tune your jobs and provide hard data for any Resque vs. Sidekiq comparisons you may need to make.

Throughput and Concurrency

In addition to tracking how long your jobs take to run, New Relic also shows you how many workers are running concurrently, and how many jobs they are handling. It’s easy to see how much memory and CPU your workers are consuming so you can fine tune for your infrastructure.

Error Reporting

If your jobs encounter errors while executing, we’ll keep track of them. Both the error type and backtrace get recorded, as well as your overall error rate. This data gives you a good idea of whether your jobs are accomplishing what you intended.

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